Travelling with a purpose is my way of saying that you’re actually going somewhere and doing something practical. It’s not just a trip around Asia to relax and see some sights, you’re actually going to a country with a purpose. There are plenty of ways in which you can bring more meaning to your travels, and here are three of the best ideas I have in mind:

Volunteer in local communities

I would say the most common idea is to volunteer while you travel. There are websites all over the internet where you can set up volunteer placements in a variety of countries throughout the world. Essentially, you organise your own travel schedule, then volunteer in these different places whenever you get there. You could do anything from teaching English in local schools to working at a wildlife sanctuary. The best thing is, these voluntary jobs are yours to choose, meaning you can pick things that you find more fulfilling and purposeful. Plus, you decide how long you’ll volunteer for – it could be a couple of days, or it could be a couple of weeks! Overall, your travels start to feel like they have more purpose as you’re helping out local communities and doing your best to give back to the countries that welcome you with open arms.

Raise money for charity

What better way to travel with a purpose than by doing something for a good cause? You can raise money for charity during your trip by doing various things with fellow travellers of the local communities. Or, you could even look for a charity challenge that makes the whole experience more fun. There are cycle challenges set up where you have to cycle across various countries – and people donate money to a charity of your choice. It’s an excellent way to see loads of cool places while you travel, and do something for a good cause. Another common challenge is to climb a famous mountain in a foreign country – not something crazy like Everest though! Raising money for charity makes your whole travel experience far more fulfilling and exciting.

Start a travel blog

This may not seem as special as the first two options, but starting a travel blog still gives you a sense of purpose. Instead of just travelling around aimlessly, you begin to think about every little thing you do. Perhaps you want to write articles on budget travelling that can help out people who want to see the world but don’t have much money? Or, you may want to produce content about areas of countries that don’t always get a lot of love. You could even go down the serious route and cover things that most of the world are ignoring – like the terrible plastic waste problems in some of the world’s most popular travel destinations. A blog will provide other people with advice and news on different countries, which means you’re still helping others. It’s not all that conventional, but it still helps you add more purpose to your travels.

Sure, travelling to relax and do nothing is still very enjoyable! But, if you’re looking to get more meaning out of your time away, then these ideas are well worth thinking about.