Singapore is a fantastic destination to visit. The island city attracts people from all over the world who come to experience the culture, architecture and the exciting pace of life that Singapore brings. However, as with many popular tourist destinations – crowds can be an issue. As a relatively small country, it can be hard to escape the crowds – causing misery for your trip.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Want to explore Singapore in style? Learn to escape the tourist crowds with these top travel tips.

Avoid travel during busy events

While Singapore attracts visitors year-round, it can be particularly busy during some of the country’s annual events. Events such as the National Day Parade, Singapore Night Race and Singapore Grand Prix can be peak times for visitors, so it’s best to avoid these times if you don’t want to deal with the boosted crowds.

Live like a local

While Singapore is home to many fantastic hotels, it is also home to some great apartments that can be rented as a luxurious and relaxing way to enjoy your stay. A quick search of ‘property rental Singapore’ will show you some of the fantastic accommodation that’s on offer from cool villas to high rise apartments. Your self-catering accommodation will help you settle into the Singapore lifestyle, and helps you to enjoy a restful stay away from the crowds.


Self-catering accommodation is also great for helping you enjoy a night in during your stay. Order a delivery or pick up some fresh local ingredients to experience a taste of Singapore from the comfort of your room. Who knows, living the local lifestyle might just call for you to extend your holiday!

Buy your tickets in advance

Singapore has some excellent visitor attractions, but busy periods can mean huge queues and delays that could ruin your fun. By purchasing tickets in advance online for the things you want to see, you can benefit from queue-jumps, as well as saving you money. Express passes can also be a worthwhile investment for attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, to help you get the most out of your day.

Book a private guide

There’ll be a lot of offers thrown your way during your time in Singapore, with workers looking to capitalise on the tourist trade. However, you’ll often pay more than you should for the privilege of tours or ‘exclusive’ experiences, and face large crowd numbers too. Booking a private sightseeing tour in Singapore is a fantastic way to get a more personal experience and avoid the frustrations that can come with a group tour. A private tour might cost more, but the benefits will certainly be worth it.

Get up early

Starting the day early is a useful travel tip to take with you anywhere, and is useful in Singapore where you can get a head start on your day. Set off early for your day of sightseeing to be able to beat the queues and take advantage of quieter streets. You can fit a lot into your mornings, and then spend the afternoons and evenings relaxing in some of Singapore’s best bars and restaurants.

Take a class

While many tourist activities can be busy and overcrowded, taking a class during your stay is a fantastic way to make the most of your time, and learn something too! Tea tasting classes and Asian cooking tasters are some of Singapore’s coolest classes and are ideal for enriching your experience.

Go to the beach

With so much going on at the heart of Singapore, it can be easy to forget the many other great experiences you can have outside of the city. Singapore is home to some great beaches, which are packed with cool beach clubs that are perfect for relaxing away from the crowds. Mambo Beach Club and Tanjong Beach Club offer a luxury experience to help you relax and enjoy some downtime during your visit.

Get away from it all at the spa

A trip to the spa adds a glamorous element to your trip, and Singapore is home to some excellent spa resorts. The St Gregory Spa and the Remedy Spa at The St Regis offer some of the most decadent experiences, but you’ll find plenty of other great spa destinations too. A soothing massage and some time by the pool will help you to recharge your batteries ready for further adventures in Singapore.

Singapore is a must-visit destination, and even if you can’t beat the crows all the time, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a more personal trip. With plenty to offer and enjoy, you’ll want to make sure that Singapore is at the top of your bucket travel list.