When you have booked a holiday to Paris for a couple of weeks, it’s often not until you go on the holiday until you realise that your booked time away isn’t quite enough and you want more. This isn’t just wanderlust, it’s the complete desire to see more, to do more and not go home until you do it all. Travel is compelling for most people, and it’s not just seeing beaches and walking through old countryside fields. Travelling is transformational for some people, and being on holiday expands your mind in ways you don’t get behind your desk in the usual nine to five. You can expand your thinking and create friendships with new people from all walks of life.

If you are on a holiday right now and you aren’t quite ready to go back home, you need a game plan. Extending a holiday isn’t just about speaking to your insurance provider to extend that and also extending your flight date home. Depending on what you consider an extension, you may need Shiply removals to France to bring you more stuff because you’re extending for months, not days. Packing up your home life and living somewhere for a lot longer means you may need to coordinate removals from overseas – it happens. It’s about realising what you need to do to be able to stay where you are for longer – and knowing if you’re even allowed to! So, check out the tips below to extend your holiday in the right way:


  • Visa. Did you need a visa for your holiday in the first place? If not, you need to think about whether you need to apply for one to extend a stay for longer than the term of a normal holiday. Check online to see whether you need papers for the country you’re in and what you need to apply onshore.


  • Cash. An extended holiday requires you to have money to see you through to the end of it. If you sort your permission to stay out, you can get a job with cash in hand or fast money like waiting tables or behind the bar so that you can earn your way to stay. Choose to learn how to scuba dive and get certified, then you’ll be able to work as a diving instructor. It’s a neat way to make some cash while you save to stay longer.
  • Accommodation. If you have been in a hotel up until now, you need to consider switching out to an Airbnb or make a friend you can stay with. Either way, you need to think about where you plan to sleep while you stay longer during the holiday you’ve been on.



There are a lot of considerations here: what will you tell your family? Your friends? Your job? None of this will matter – as long as it makes you happy, you should do it. Don’t wait for life to happen. You have to make it so!