Although it is still the winter at the moment, it’s hard to think about anything else other than the spring and the summer seasons which are right around the corner.

Spring and summer are warmer, the days are longer, and we feel like we can do so much more with our time every day.

If you want to make the most of your summer and make every day count, here are just a few of the fun things you could plan to do this year.


Most of us have days when we just want to escape from the real world and get away to somewhere exotic, but we never actually end up doing it.

However, why not make a change to your life this year and take a month off work, pack a big bag and go on an adventure?

Backpacking sounds scarier than it really is, but it can give us the freedom we need to explore new worlds and try new things.

Backpacking can be a wonderful way to refresh the mind and allow us to enjoy just being us for a while.

You can always plan out a few destinations you want to visit, or you can simply make it up as you go along and have some fun!

Travel in style

One of the things which you should definitely do during the summer is to go to a wonderful luxurious hotel or an apartment.

If you are looking for a way to feel like a king or queen for a while during the summer, you can save up a little bit of money and head out to a fancy hotel or a condo this summer.

Try and pick a place with property management services on hand because this will mean that you will have many more facilities to enjoy during your stay.

Visit the beach

When the summer finally swings around, there is likely a thought and one thought only which reaches your mind: Beach day.

The beach is the perfect place to visit on a sunny day and when you are looking for a fun way to spend a warm afternoon there is no place better to be.

You can spend the day wading in the cool water, making sand castles and playing football with your family on the sand.

Bring a picnic with you for an extra touch and enjoy chilling out for the day.

Climb a mountain

If you are the adventurous type and you love to be moving around a lot, there is no better way to spend your day than waking up early, heading out to the countryside and climbing up a mountain.

If you want to stay fit during the summer months and enjoy the sunshine at its best, a hike can always be a great option.

If you pack a picnic of sandwiches and snacks the night before, you can head off and enjoy the fresh air in the mountains for the day, before settling down in a stunning spot for some food and drink.

Host a barbecue

For those of you who love to be at home during the summer days and enjoy sunbathing in the garden, there is no better way to spend a summer day than hosting a barbecue for you and your family.

This can be a great way to get everyone together and have a catch-up, and of course, you can have lots of food and beer flowing during the afternoon.

If you have young kids you can also set up a paddling pool and such to keep them occupied throughout the day!

Visit a fair

If you love to visit quaint villages during the summer months, there is no reason why you can’t visit one of the many cute country fairs which usually run.

Summer fairs are adorable and they often feature stalls with people selling homemade foods, arts and crafts; bouncy castles and activities for the kids; and baking competitions as well as local dog shows.

You can find something to suit anyone at a country fair and it can be an amazing way to spend your day.

Chill by the pool

Sometimes what is better than doing something is doing nothing at all.

If you want to make the most of the summer sun this week, why not simply lie by the pool outside your hotel and do nothing for the day?

Get the cocktails flowing and read a book, and just let the world walk on by as you relax and refresh.

You can cool off after with a swim and it can be the best way to spend a lazy day.

Eat alfresco

For those of you who don’t mind sitting outside and enjoying a good meal, eating Alfresco can be a wonderful way to spend the end of a day exploring.

Dining out in the open is a whole new experience for you to enjoy and it can be exactly what you need after a long day walking and enjoying heavy activities.

Let the wine flow, enjoy the serenity of the sunset and just have a good time with your partner.


If you fancy getting fit and lean during the summer, but also having a little bit of fun, the best thing you can do is get on your bike and cycle around the area.

You can even strap your bike to your car and head out to the countryside for the day and ride around the mountains.

You can find some amazing bike trails online with a quick google search so there will always be the option for you to cycle and enjoy getting fit.

Stay at home

Sometimes the beauty of it being summer, and having time off, is that you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything at all.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing summers day, you could buy some snacks, ice lollies and beers and simply sit in your garden and enjoy catching those rays.