“In one fell swoop, Lewis Nunn is demolishing the misconceptions that cruising is for people of a certain age.” – Julie Peasgood, Actress, TV Presenter & Travel Journalist
“Clearly a big future lies ahead for Lewis Nunn as he continues his quest to bring his own passion for cruising to other young people.” – World of Cruising Magazine
“He’s a young man causing waves in the cruising & travel industry” – John Sullivan, Advantage Travel Partnership
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Lewis  Nunn Business Services

Freelance Writing

Do you enjoy the content found on this blog? If you’re a travel company seeking freelance content for your website/magazine then look no further! With Lewis’ various available styles of writing, he can ensure you’re article intentions are met and an audience is engaged with your product. This can either be published on your website or on Lewis Nunn’s website as a sponsored post where he will provide a back-link to your website.

Social Media Development

Being a young blogger, one of the biggest perks offered by Lewis is his establishment with social media networks and how best to utilize them in order to engage with the right audience. In this area of work, he worked with multiple travel companies and cruise lines; such as Holland America Line and Four Communications.

Public Speaking

After training as an actor for over a decade, making many West End appearances; it only came naturally for Lewis to get involved with public speaking. Over the last year, Lewis Nunn has spoken at numerous cruise & travel events such as The Daily Mail Family Travel Show, The Telegraph Cruise Show, The ITC Roadshow and the Advantage Cruise Conference.

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