Norwegian Escape

Norwegian Escape Reviews following the 1,069-foot floating theme-park; consisting of 20 decks.

These are filled with over 25 different dining options, water slides, a full Broadway-style theatre and even a high ropes course.

Those brave enough can even choose to walk the plank!

Proudly, I can say I accomplished this!

Many of my friends have recently been asking for Norwegian Escape Reviews; being it one of the newest additions to Norwegian Cruise Line.

Thus, I have created a full review of my experience onboard the Norwegian Escape.

Unfortunately, I only spent 24 hours onboard the Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship; so I tried to fit in as much as possible!

Out of the blue, I was contacted by Norwegian Cruise Line in order to join a team of celebrities preparing Norwegian Escape Reviews.

Individually in our own niches, we gave the ship our verdict for our particular audience.

So you’re also actively involved in this!

My Norwegian Escape ‘Squad’ consisted of television personality Louie Spence, television presenter Helen Skelton, food blogger Niamh Shields and travel agent Sarah Vince.

Norwegian Escape

Norwegian Escape Reviews: Pre-Cruise

As I mentioned earlier, one of the perks of being part of the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Escape Squad was having the opportunity to sail onboard.

I want to give you one of the best possible Norwegian Escape reviews so I’m going to start at the very beginning!

After travelling for a good few hours, we arrived in Southampton (the night before our cruise) and resided overnight at the Travelodge Southampton Central Hotel.

Sadly, it was an evening filled with freezing-cold bones and hard discomforting beds.

Therefore, I must strongly recommend you choose another accommodation option.

In my own experience; the Southampton Dolphin Hotel has been fantastic and it is now my consistent choice when staying in Southampton.

Norwegian Escape

Norwegian Escape Reviews: Embarkation

Arriving at the Ocean Terminal, part of me felt a large amount of dread; predicting embarkation would take centuries.

This idea sprouted due to the vast number of passengers travelling onboard.

Yet, I must say, this may have been the quickest embarkation I have ever experienced.

This was thankfully due to being part of the Norwegian Escape Squad, as Norwegian Cruise Line provided us with priority embarkation.

Although I didn’t have to pay for this, in future cruises this is definitely something I would consider paying for.

You don’t want the first memory of your trip to be a stressful one.

Priority embarkation can allow you to get smoothly through the terminal, and start enjoying your cruise holiday straight away.

Norwegian Escape

Norwegian Escape Reviews: Onboard Activities

Possibly the selling point of the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Escape is the numerous onboard facilities.

Not to beat around the bush, the facilities were incredible!

Throughout the day I tried to tick off a few of the major facilities between photo-shoots.

Managing to enjoy both the full-size mini-golf court and of course the high ropes.

Never before had I seen high ropes onboard cruise ships.

Which of course is due to the requirement of a very strong stomach!

And I must admit, at the point I was walking the plank off the ship; I could feel a few butterflies in my stomach!

Furthermore, I was also lucky to visit the teen lounge for a photo-shoot.

During the day, teenagers can drop in and use the many arcade and gaming-style facilities.

Later to be transformed into a teens nightclub in the evening.

Sadly, I didn’t get time to try out the water-slide onboard the Norwegian Escape; though I did manage to see people travelling through it at bullet speed!

Norwegian EscapeNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Escape BasketballNorwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Escape Reviews: Dining

With over 25 different dining options available onboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Escape, I could feel assured there would be something I liked.

Traditionally for me, it is custom to head to the buffet at lunch and gain 14 pounds as quickly as possible!

And I don’t mean in finance!

So sticking to my normal routine, I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Garden Cafe.

Situated very close in proximity to the pool, I certainly imagine I would spend the majority of my time on this deck.

Although I was charmed by the mass of choice available at the Garden Cafe, I must say my dinner was a meal I shall never forget.

As I was travelling with the Norwegian Cruise Line PR team, we had a whole speciality restaurant to ourselves:

The Food Republic.

Technology is fast expanding in the cruising industry, and this was certainly apparent at The Food Republic.

Waiters appeared to be a thing of the past on the Norwegian Escape, as we ordered our meal straight onto Ipad’s.

Adding to the enjoyment, the cuisine on offer was my favourite; Thai!

Instead of one full meal, you can choose three small dishes, almost tapas style.

I came to the conclusion that the Chicken Teriyaki, Squid, and Shrimp would be the best option for me.

Although I can be a tough food critic, I must say, these were all cooked to perfection.

I imagine this would be the highlight of many Norwegian Escape reviews!

Norwegian Escape Reviews
Norwegian Escape Reviews
Norwegian Escape Reviews
Norwegian Escape Reviews
Norwegian Escape Reviews
Norwegian Escape Cruise
Norwegian Escape Cruise

Norwegian Escape Reviews: Entertainment

When taking a cruise holiday with Norwegian Cruise Line, one element that stands out is the evening entertainment.

However, being an actor myself, I do have very high standards for cruise ship entertainment.

Along with many others in the cruising industry, I am frustrated by Simon Cowell’s comments in the past about cruise ship entertainers.

The casting process by Norwegian Cruise Line for onboard productions is a fierce one!

Thus meaning the performers onboard the Norwegian Escape are some of the very best in the world.

One of the productions on offer was the Million Dollar Quartet, a Rock & Roll hit musical featuring songs from Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.

As a production, this show was highly energetic getting all the audience on their feet dancing by the end of the performance.

Norwegian Escape CruiseNorwegian Escape Cruise

Norwegian Escape Reviews: Accommodation

After a long day of hard work onboard the Norwegian Escape, I was very lucky to be able to retire back to my cabin and relax.

Yet, I did beam with excitement.

This was because this was the first voyage where I was going to be staying in a mini-suite cabin.

Usually, on cruise holidays, I always stay in a balcony cabin.

Therefore I was interested to see the difference.

And much to my surprise, truthfully, there was none!

Therefore, in the foreseeable future if I were to travel onboard the Norwegian Escape again I can’t envision myself booking higher than a balcony cabin.

The cabin itself featured a balcony, a large television and lots of plug sockets.

But what is more important in a cabin than it’s beds?

On this voyage, I was travelling with my parents, so three of us sharing a cabin.

Normally for a cabin carrying this many occupants, you have bunk beds that retract from the ceiling.

However, my bed was essentially a Chaise Lounge; this was thoroughly disappointing.

The bed itself was also rather uncomfortable.

Thus, I think my advice would be that if you’re travelling in a group of three or more, I suggest you book a connecting cabin.

Not only does this give you more space (ensuring you don’t tread on each other’s toes) but it also ensures everyone travelling has a comfy bed.

Despite the issue with my bed, one element I cannot fault about this cabin was the balcony.

Words cannot express the pleasure of sitting on a balcony, relaxing, and soaking in the sun.

Additionally, I also discovered something new, using your balcony at night can be just as relaxing.

At around 11:00 pm you could find me perched on my balcony, surrounded by a blanket and listening to the sounds of the sea.

For me, that was the best moment of the cruise.

Utter relaxation.

Norwegian Escape CruiseNorwegian Escape CruiseNorwegian Escape CruiseNorwegian Escape Cruise

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