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Using Travel As A Muse

Pexels Ask one hundred people why they travel and they’ll probably give you one hundred different answers. We all travel for different reasons, if they only vary slightly. Some might want to see the majesty [...]

Combine Your Love Of Tennis With Travel

If you’ve got many hobbies in your life, it can sometimes feel as if you’re being pulled in all directions. One minute you’re saving up for a holiday, the next your friends are asking you [...]

Tips for Walking and Hiking in Europe

Europe is full of varied landscapes that are ideal for hiking and walking. No matter what kind of walking experience you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and wants somewhere [...]

Exploring The Caribbean In Style

Caribbean-island hopping is best to do by cruise ship says Helen Lewingdon. Time has flown so quickly since disembarking from my Caribbean cruise on the Marella Celebration. For me, this was [...]

Sri Lanka – What’s Good?

Without a doubt one of the most popular destinations of 2019, Sri Lanka is a piece of heaven on earth. So let’s cut to the chase, here are a few reasons you need to head [...]

5 Must Visit Destinations in Australia

Photo by Patrick McLachlan from Pexels Australia is a country that has it all, vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, rich culture, fascinating landscapes, and interesting wildlife. Australia really is a country that has something to offer [...]

How To Cope When You’re Afraid Of Flying

Image Credit Although flying is nowadays viewed as the number one way to travel these days, it’s not something that everyone enjoys for obvious reasons such as the tiny and uncomfortable seats that most airplanes [...]