When the kids are back at school, and the daily school-run is getting colder and colder; you’ll probably be dreaming of some sun, sea, and sand first thing in the morning, as well as sorting out a hectic household. The focus for the rest of this month and next will probably be getting on and making plans for the new year ahead. However, there’s no harm in dreaming a bit further into the year or the one after, and thinking about an exciting family holiday that you and the kids will equally enjoy. The main issue most parents have is picking a destination that can offer something a bit different for the family and will ensure that your kids grow up with exciting memories and plenty of wanderlust. And, many parents want to stay away from the traditional Butlins break, and add a little luxury to their adventure.

Indonesia might not have been at the top of your next family holiday list; however, it’s a destination that shouldn’t be ignored. Indonesia can offer families a plethora of beautiful beaches where the kids can play all day, fresh local food, city life, natural wonders, and plenty of exciting historical culture and architecture to teach your little ones about. It might take a little more planning than other, more traditional European destinations; however, you can get the whole team on board, and start looking at some of the areas you might want to explore and relax in. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and travel tips for the family that are prepared to plan for their next adventure together, and will help them choose where to go and what to enjoy.

Finding Somewhere To Stay

The security and amenities provided by a resort are appealing aspects for family holidaymakers when it comes to choosing where to stay. Therefore, you might want to consider booking yourself into one of the many resorts available within Indonesia or choosing a couple to give yourself a change of scenery. With so many beautiful volcanic islands to choose from; it can be a challenge to pick where to head first, but the sooner that you narrow this down, the quicker you’ll be able to find the right destination for your family. Popular tourist destinations may not seem like the most adventurous; however, you’ll have the comfort and security that you and your little ones will be safe, and can enjoy the beaches, pools, and surrounding areas that your resort has to offer.

Bali is one of those tourist hotspots mentioned earlier and has plenty to offer in the way of resorts and hotels for family travellers. If you decide to head into Seminyak; you’ll find some luxurious resorts, like the W Bali and the Anantara, which will provide your team with an array of pools, plenty of restaurants, daily activities (to wear them out a bit), and beautiful views of the sea and Balinese skyline. Nusa Dua in Bali is known for the vast stretch of beautiful sand and crystal waters where your kids will be able to splash and play. The stretch of golden sand also leads to the view of two small islands, both with a temple, providing beach relaxation and cultural intrigue and interest for the whole family. You can sit together on the sand and create stories surrounding the islands, or simply enjoy the headspace as your kids have fun nearby. For more a traditional, hotel setting in Bali; The Conrad provides good value, and a pool big enough to widen the eyes of any kid!

However comfortable you find your resort; don’t forget to leave and explore! Whichever of the islands you’ve chosen as your family holiday destination; there’ll be plenty of things to do that will excite and inspire your kids (and you), so it’s important not to leave that element of your break out of your itinerary. The island of Lombok provides natural beauty, and your kids will enjoy seeing Sendang Gila waterfall and exploring the natural terrain; a proper adventure (make sure everyone’s packed decent footwear). Child-friendly Yogyakarta in Java is the island’s most popular tourist destination and offers an array of temples and areas of historical interest which will satiate you little explorers and might just ignite a lifelong passion.

The Freedom Of An Escape

If you can’t think of anything worse than resort life and want your family to have more freedom and the urge to get out and about each day; it’s worth looking into your own accommodation in one of the more built-up areas of Indonesia. Palembang is the capital city of South Sumatra, and will offer your kids the magic of a floating market and housing on stilts above the river; probably scenes they’re not used to and memories that will last a lifetime. Palembang also has a sacred hill, historic archaeological sites, and plenty of temples on offer; perfect for dad stories and explanations, not to mention the hundreds of photo opportunities. For longer stays with kids, it’s worth look for the ideal kontrakan rumah (or rented house) for you and the kids; it’ll allow you to settle in for longer stays, and could work out as a more affordable, luxury option.

For even more hustle, bustle, and things to do, but maybe less relaxation time; Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital city and is filled with over 10 million people. Don’t let the overwhelming population put you off; planning the right places to stay and visit will help you have a stress-free and exciting family break. The heady mix of culture in Jakarta means that the cuisine is influenced by an array of countries; perfect for families who want plenty of food options for them and the kids. Take a look online for even more inspiration on what to do with kids in the city. The architecture and entertainment are much the same; the city is a feast for the senses, and you’ll find something new to see and enjoy around every corner. There are also quieter areas like Sunda Kelapa, where you’ll find traditional wooden schooners docked; providing your family with a little tranquillity and time for reflection.

Wherever you choose to go to in Indonesia; you’ll need to plan and book as many things as possible in advance so that you and your kids can have the best family adventure and holiday imaginable.